Welcome to Mali

I made this video some time ago, using photos I shot in Mali. Mali is a wonderful country, and it is sadly experiencing a civil war right now; I hope to go back one day, but some of the friends I made there are now exiles in France. My photos are set to a beautiful song, Sabali, by Amadou and Mariam, perhaps Mali’s most famous singers today.

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Ruth & Nev’s Big Ibiza Wedding

What’s better than shooting an amazing wedding?

Shooting an amazing wedding in the sunshine in Ibiza!


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The Drummers of Sanyang

In West Africa, there’s a tiny country called Gambia. And in Gambia, a bus ride down the coast to the south of the tourist areas, there’s a little fishing village called Sanyang. And on Sanyang beach, there’s a beautiful little guest house with just a few rooms, called Jungle Beach. And at Jungle, every evening before sunset, a local drum group called Mama Limbo assembles to practise.

The founder and manager of Mama Limbo is an amazing drummer called Rasta; confusingly, Rasta has no locks (he shaved them off because his Mum didn’t like them).

At a time when Gambians increasingly look to Senegal, Jamaica, Nigeria and elsewhere for their music, Rasta teaches locals how to make and play drums in the Gambian style. Their music is stunning, especially when heard on the beach at sunset.

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Ibrahim Maalouf: Live Gig

After a few months without shooting much live music, I shot photos at two live gigs this weekend, both at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, hosted by Jazz FM.

Last night’s performance was by Lebanese/French jazz master trumpeter, Ibrahim Maalouf. His style varies between his two lynchpins: Arabic and rock music, symbolising his upbringing which was split between Beirut and Paris. Check out his haunting track Beirut, which perfectly blends the two.

Here are a few pics from the evening.

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African Landscapes

I’m taking some time to review my Africa photography from the past few years. While many of my pictures concentrate on people and street scenes, I shoot more serene scenes when I can. Here’s a selection of ten images from Gambia, Sierra Leone and Malawi. These shots are available on request, professionally printed and framed.

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Leanne Robinson Photos

Congratulation to Leanne Robinson for making it through to the late stages of X-Factor last night; I saw Leanne sing at UK Soul Jam in London’s Jazz Café in August 2010 – here are some of the shots from that night.

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Welcome, and thanks for visiting my new photography site. This replaces my old blog and my old portfolio site, which hadn’t been updated for way too long! The portfolios have been completely rebuilt, and I plan to create new photo blog posts fairly frequently.

I’m now offering portrait, wedding and event photography – click the portfolio links above for examples of my work.

Please do share if you enjoy the photos and writing here – and enter your email to subscribe to my mailing list so I can keep you informed with updates.

Happy viewing!


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