The Drummers of Sanyang

In West Africa, there’s a tiny country called Gambia. And in Gambia, a bus ride down the coast to the south of the tourist areas, there’s a little fishing village called Sanyang. And on Sanyang beach, there’s a beautiful little guest house with just a few rooms, called Jungle Beach. And at Jungle, every evening before sunset, a local drum group called Mama Limbo assembles to practise.

The founder and manager of Mama Limbo is an amazing drummer called Rasta; confusingly, Rasta has no locks (he shaved them off because his Mum didn’t like them).

At a time when Gambians increasingly look to Senegal, Jamaica, Nigeria and elsewhere for their music, Rasta teaches locals how to make and play drums in the Gambian style. Their music is stunning, especially when heard on the beach at sunset.

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