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I love spending time in Africa, particularly West Africa. My images come from trips made to eight sub-Saharan African countries over recent years. I feel that many photographers misrepresent the continent, and tend to reinforce false stereotypes rather than challenge them. Most people who have never visited Africa think of hunger, conflict and barren rural landscapes; and while these things are a part of the story, they don’t represent the life of the average modern African. Despite its problems, Africa is a continent on the rise, and the feeling of optimism I always get when I visit is in marked contrast to the feeling of gloom currently pervading the “western world”.

Africa Selections

[img src=]1890Little Miss Curious
A girl peeps over a wall by the harbour in Elmina, Ghana
[img src=]630Girl With Beaded Hair, Freetown
A girl poses uncertainly outside her home in Freetown, Sierra, Leone
[img src=]510Washing in the Niger
A girl washes her clothes in the River Niger, Bamako, Mali
[img src=]490Tyre Boy, Timbuktu
A boy at play runs past an ancient mud building, Timbuktu, Mali
[img src=]400Cow Boy
A boy helps herd cattle in Dogon Country, Southern Mali
[img src=]440Women Talking, Djenné
The weekly women's market in Djenné, Mali
[img src=]400Touareg Woman, Essakane
A Touarreg woman in the desert, in Essakane near Timbuktu, Northern Mali
[img src=]400Tomato Seller
A woman carries tomatoes and other produce at the market in Djenné, Mali
[img src=]360Gambian Woman Carrying Fish
The fishing boats have returned, and the the women bring the fish up the beach to prepare them for cooking or salting
[img src=]310Beach Huts
The Empty Beauty of River Number 2 Beach, Sierra Leone
[img src=]270Graveyard In The Hills
Near Regent, Sierra Leone
[img src=]300Woman On Bridge
Freetown, Sierra Leone
[img src=]290Boats, Gunjur
Boats on the beach at sunset in Gunjur, Gambia
[img src=]290Halahin Sunrise
The Halahin river, between Gambia and Senegal, just before the sun rises
[img src=]310Dakar Port
The port in Dakar is a thriving commerce hub
[img src=]340Woman With Camel Umbrella
A woman walking back from market in Casamance, Senegal
[img src=]370Casamance Woman and Child
Near Cap Skiring, Senegal
[img src=]330Playful
Girls on Lakka Beach, Sierra Leone
[img src=]300The Boss
Kartong, Gambia
[img src=]290Woodcutters, Casamance
An impromptu portrait taken in the street close to the village of Mlomp, Casamance in southern Senegal. These teenagers were returning to the village at sunset with a wagon of freshly cut firewood.
[img src=]280The Watchers
Inside, a new bride visits family. Outside, kids jostle to get a view
[img src=]250Little House In Malawi
A woman and her children outside their house in a wide valley, Northern Malawi
[img src=]240Sunset, Sanyang
Sanyang beach, Gambia
[img src=]220Canoes, River Number 2 Beach
Boats on the empty, beautiful River Number 2 Beach, Sierra Leone
[img src=]240Football On The Beach, Casamance
Young men play football as the sun sets, Cap Skiring, Senegal
[img src=]230The Other Airport Ferry
The cheap way to get from Lungi Airport to Freetown
[img src=]260Barack Obama
Africans shared the excitement of a black US President
[img src=]270Football, Lakka
Lakka, Sierra Leone
[img src=]240Lonely Football
Lakka Beach, Sierra Leone
[img src=]240Cola Nuts
Near Lungi, Sierra Leone
[img src=]250Market Vendor, Djenné
A bored-looking vendor in the famous market at Djenné, Mali
[img src=]260Guarding The Shop
Djembereng, Casamance, Senegal
[img src=]310Who Needs Mirrors?
Taxi driver, Casamance, Senegal
[img src=]290Nescafé
Dakar's favourite coffee
[img src=]260Deforested
Near Charlotte Falls, Sierra Leone
[img src=]240Wistful
Men in Dakar look out over the Atlantic
[img src=]120Casamance Nightfall
Cap Skiring, Senegal
[img src=]220Playing At The Mosque
Children play outside one of the many mosques in Dakar, Senegal
[img src=]210Suleman on the Train
Suleman from Toubba in Senegal, on the train from Bamako to Dakar
[img src=]190Dogon Carvings
Dogon Country, Mali
[img src=]200Timbuktu Rainbow
A rare rainbow in the desert, south of Timbuktu, Mali
[img src=]230Guitar Man, Ghana
Felix passes a boy, Kokrobite, Ghana
[img src=]220We Are Moving Forward
Some of us faster than others. Accra, Ghana

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