Africa Selections

[img src=]1890Little Miss Curious
A girl peeps over a wall by the harbour in Elmina, Ghana
[img src=]630Girl With Beaded Hair, Freetown
A girl poses uncertainly outside her home in Freetown, Sierra, Leone
[img src=]510Washing in the Niger
A girl washes her clothes in the River Niger, Bamako, Mali
[img src=]490Tyre Boy, Timbuktu
A boy at play runs past an ancient mud building, Timbuktu, Mali
[img src=]400Cow Boy
A boy helps herd cattle in Dogon Country, Southern Mali
[img src=]440Women Talking, Djenné
The weekly women's market in Djenné, Mali
[img src=]400Touareg Woman, Essakane
A Touarreg woman in the desert, in Essakane near Timbuktu, Northern Mali
[img src=]400Tomato Seller
A woman carries tomatoes and other produce at the market in Djenné, Mali
[img src=]360Gambian Woman Carrying Fish
The fishing boats have returned, and the the women bring the fish up the beach to prepare them for cooking or salting
[img src=]310Beach Huts
The Empty Beauty of River Number 2 Beach, Sierra Leone
[img src=]270Graveyard In The Hills
Near Regent, Sierra Leone
[img src=]300Woman On Bridge
Freetown, Sierra Leone
[img src=]290Boats, Gunjur
Boats on the beach at sunset in Gunjur, Gambia
[img src=]290Halahin Sunrise
The Halahin river, between Gambia and Senegal, just before the sun rises
[img src=]310Dakar Port
The port in Dakar is a thriving commerce hub
[img src=]340Woman With Camel Umbrella
A woman walking back from market in Casamance, Senegal
[img src=]370Casamance Woman and Child
Near Cap Skiring, Senegal
[img src=]330Playful
Girls on Lakka Beach, Sierra Leone
[img src=]300The Boss
Kartong, Gambia
[img src=]290Woodcutters, Casamance
An impromptu portrait taken in the street close to the village of Mlomp, Casamance in southern Senegal. These teenagers were returning to the village at sunset with a wagon of freshly cut firewood.
[img src=]280The Watchers
Inside, a new bride visits family. Outside, kids jostle to get a view
[img src=]250Little House In Malawi
A woman and her children outside their house in a wide valley, Northern Malawi
[img src=]240Sunset, Sanyang
Sanyang beach, Gambia
[img src=]220Canoes, River Number 2 Beach
Boats on the empty, beautiful River Number 2 Beach, Sierra Leone
[img src=]240Football On The Beach, Casamance
Young men play football as the sun sets, Cap Skiring, Senegal
[img src=]230The Other Airport Ferry
The cheap way to get from Lungi Airport to Freetown
[img src=]260Barack Obama
Africans shared the excitement of a black US President
[img src=]270Football, Lakka
Lakka, Sierra Leone
[img src=]240Lonely Football
Lakka Beach, Sierra Leone
[img src=]240Cola Nuts
Near Lungi, Sierra Leone
[img src=]250Market Vendor, Djenné
A bored-looking vendor in the famous market at Djenné, Mali
[img src=]260Guarding The Shop
Djembereng, Casamance, Senegal
[img src=]310Who Needs Mirrors?
Taxi driver, Casamance, Senegal
[img src=]290Nescafé
Dakar's favourite coffee
[img src=]260Deforested
Near Charlotte Falls, Sierra Leone
[img src=]240Wistful
Men in Dakar look out over the Atlantic
[img src=]120Casamance Nightfall
Cap Skiring, Senegal
[img src=]220Playing At The Mosque
Children play outside one of the many mosques in Dakar, Senegal
[img src=]210Suleman on the Train
Suleman from Toubba in Senegal, on the train from Bamako to Dakar
[img src=]190Dogon Carvings
Dogon Country, Mali
[img src=]200Timbuktu Rainbow
A rare rainbow in the desert, south of Timbuktu, Mali
[img src=]230Guitar Man, Ghana
Felix passes a boy, Kokrobite, Ghana
[img src=]220We Are Moving Forward
Some of us faster than others. Accra, Ghana