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Music is a great love of mine, and my live event photography gives me a great excuse to spend plenty of time at gigs, and meet some incredible performers, both established and up-and-coming. My focus is mainly on London’s “urban” music scene, by which I mean the broad variety of music created in London’s great multi-racial melting pot.  I try to capture iconic images of performers that will play a part in documenting a hugely exciting era in music.

Music Selections

[img src=]1910Kaana Ellie
[img src=]540Brown Sugar (Trinidadian Soca Monarch)
[img src=]510Obenewa
[img src=]350Omar
[img src=]380Sharon Rose
[img src=]350Louise Golbey
Video shoot for "Same Old, Same Old"
[img src=]340Erykah Badu
Live at Brixton Academy
[img src=]330Sunburst Band
[img src=]300Rox
[img src=]290Ty In The Studio
[img src=]280Blues Sax
[img src=]310Bridgette Amofah
[img src=]270Floetic Lara
[img src=]280Soweto Kinch
[img src=]330Janine Johnson
[img src=]280Ranking Roger
The English Beat
[img src=]280N'Dambi
[img src=]280Nadine Charles
[img src=]220Noel McKoy
[img src=]220Mystrogen
[img src=]200Mark Knopfler
[img src=]230Joe Steer on Bass
[img src=]220Terri Walker
[img src=]230Alexandra Burke
[img src=]230Kate Threlfall
[img src=]220Tanya Morgan
[img src=]250Valerie Etienne
[img src=]220Jaz Ellington
[img src=]190G.R.E.E.D.S.
[img src=]180Gavin Hollinger
[img src=]190Kadija Kamara
[img src=]180Baby Sol
[img src=]220Sherry Davis
[img src=]220Sy Smith
[img src=]210Geo Gabriel

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